Fine Art Wedding Photographer Kristen Kilpatrick

-Meet Becca

While in college, I decided to take a black and white film photography class. I intended it to be a fun break from my actual major. Throughout that class, I became inspired by the way I could see the world with my camera and beautiful light. I found an unknown passion for photography and decided I would rather have a career I loved than one that I always considered a "safe" choice. I spent the following year educating myself on all things photography, photographing everything, and assisting other professionals with whatever they needed. During that process, I fell in love with weddings. The fashion, the beauty, the excitement, and most of all, the couples that were so in love! After my first year of learning, I photographed my first wedding and never looked back. Eight years after that first wedding, I am more in love with my career than I ever thought I could be.

I'm a lover, a dreamer, a traveler, and a loyal friend. When I'm not traveling for weddings, you can find me cuddling my french bulldog, spending as much time as possible with my husband, cooking, and online shopping. All things that I'm also extremely passionate about.